Different type of law practice. Different type of job.

Inclusive and Compassionate

Client Centered

Interested in a job where you can choose where and when to work?  Welcome to the Sarah Horowitz Law Group.  Take projects when you want them, at your own pace.  No in person time required, but mentorship and team building experiences offered.  

Welcome to a law firm who values you for who you are, without demanding from you what you don’t want to give.  You set the boundaries for when you want to work. Work should be a part of your life, not your entire life. 

Experience in Trusts & Estates, Adoption, and/or Prenuptial Agreements preferred, but not required if you are talented and motivated.  Seeking attorneys who can work with clients independently from beginning to the end of a case.  Must be licensed to practice law in MD and/or DC. 

Each task you perform will be paid at a flat fee.  My clients love flat fees and so will you.

Interested in applying? Please send an email to with your statement of interest.

Our clients love us…


Sarah Horowitz Named Top Attorney

Sarah Horowitz recently was named a Top Attorney in Montgomery County by Bethesda Magazine in the area of Adoption.

My Shingle Celebrates Sarah Horowitz

My Shingle, an online resources for solo and small firm lawyers, recently featured our very own Sarah Horowitz as it celebrated Woman-Owned and Mom-Owned law…